What We Do
We use the fine components and advance engineering/construction technologies to maximize building performance and ensure compliance to industry specifications and designated function.

From small warehouse, single/multi story buildings, 40 M span cantilever canopy to 120 M clear span trusses. We deliver sound products at competitive price.

In addition, customers and clients customize the final production and delivery to meet overall construction sequences.
Commitment To Clients
We are committed to provide quality structural steel products and services by:
  • Facilitating successful designs through application of technical expertise.
  • Ensuring the reputation and integrity of our clients by maintaining an objective balance between architectural and technical requirements.
  • Providing practical design solutions for projects ranging from the typical and simple to unique and difficult structures.
  • Facilitating more efficient means of 3D detailing techniques.
  • Applying sound fabrication standards (BS, JIS, DIN, AWS), tempered with practical experience, to provide the required quality of products.