The company operates a computerized integrated operating systems to manage all interrelated business activities stating from the tendering and estimating phase of a project to the completion and handling over of construction/erection works at site.

The system is custom made designed for BASECO BUILDINGS COMPANY operations covering the following activities:
Faster bid preparation
The system significantly cuts bids preparation time
More accurate estimates
The system provides a complete breakdown of the costs in each bid, specially that we see the true hard costs and the actual margin that your bidding price is likely to produce.
Project Management
As the system is designed specifically to manage our core business of steel fabricators, it provides us with the necessary and yet simple tools for managing tasks, tracking change orders and logging communications. With the system in place, we have control of the following activities:
Centralized project details
Basic task management Communication log
Change order tracking Two-way Microsoft Project
Drawings Management
Powerful drawing management CAD imports with
Integrated drawing viewer Revision control
Material Management
Efficient material nesting Stock movements
Self-maintaining inventory mill price by length
Stock audit log  
Production Management
Production tracking Coded parts & labor entry
Reliable shipment tracking