TEL : (86-21) 5187 5399
FAX : (86-21) 6336 7885
BASECO BUILDINGS COMPANY fabrication facilities covers 110,000 sq ft. with long term agreement with BUILTECH blasting and painting facilities. The company can produce up to 24,000 tons of steel each year from the plant. Computer Numerical Controlled production machinery being installed at the plant such as HGG-CNC pipe and space truss profiling machines, guaranteeing precision work. CAD software for design and detailing. Cold saw and plasma torches do precision cutting.
We use an electronic data interchange product that transfers data between the drawing office engineer and steel fabricator electronically. Once a project is detailed and approved, detailing data is transferred to the fabrication lines for processing.
In-house supervision of all processes assures efficient turnaround of precision high quality parts. The structural sections and plates are cut to size and shape plasma plate profiling/oxy-propane cutting machines. The sawing/drilling machines can process sections up to 1.5 M wide and 18 M long; the profile burning machines can process plates up to 21 M long and 3.6 M wide.
The preparation workshop is equipped with presses and rolls. The fabrication bays are equipped with variety of drilling machinery to cover the full range required for the assembly and welding heavy structural components. Gantry cranes service each preparation, fabrication and assembly bay with lifting capacity ranging from 5 to 15 metric tons.