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Totally Watertight:
The patented draining joint, ensures roof to be completely watertight even when the roof is flooded. (1%) slopes are allowed by the system. The system offers a completely weathertight roof with a life expectancy far exceeding conventional metal roofing applications.

The aluminum, copper or stainless steel sheets do not deteriorate over time and will last at least a hundred years. Zincalume and painted steel also widely used for more economical structure.
Any part of the sheets can be walked on with no resulting distortion even after repeated or careless movements.
Thermal Movement:
The fastening system is designed to eliminate the potentially damaging effects of thermal movement. Clip that locks the panels in place, is concealed inside the raised profile.
Fast Installation:
Panels are easy to erect and rolling on site with no end laps, as well as being quick and requiring no prior marking out.
Durability, no maintenance and rapid installation mean the panels are very economical for both large and small projects.
Self Curving:
While being curved the shape of the structure below till a minimum radius of 22 meter.
Wind Proof:
Reaches extremely high values of resistance to the wind suction.
Panel Materials:
The roof system can be manufactured using material can be: