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Traditional metal roofs by fasteners have performed admirably in many situation, modern building designs often incorporate low slope roofing and/or long distances from ridge to eave. These conditions necessitate the use of a system that provides the most advanced and versatile roofing system, a covering which gives an absolute guarantee of water tightness for a duration as long as the one building itself, without any need of maintenance. In the past one of the serious problems with metal roofing has been leaks caused by the use of fasteners drilled through the exterior of the panels and then fasteners are installed through the structural member. In time, these holes are susceptible to leakage due to drainage issues, breakdown of the sealing washers and damage from long term thermal expansion/contraction which can elongate the penetrations.

BASECO BUILDINGS COMPANY system eliminates these problems by using roll formed panels that are attached to the structural substrate using concealed method enables its use on many application from low pitched roofs to vertical or horizontal ribbed walling. Fixing clips effectively secure roof panel to supports without puncturing the sheet. No exposed fasteners mean clean and smooth lines.