Skylights are the perfect solution to additional lighting for industrial and commercial use. Aside from providing natural day light, skylights can also help in minimizing heating, cooling, and lighting costs. Skylights are also designed in a variety of shapes and made from many different materials, hence a specific skylight can greatly influence the interior style of the building. Whilst a commercial skylight is generally used for energy-efficiency purposes, the residential skylight is more commonly used as simple lighting additions or equally, a contribution to the overall look of the structure. Skylights have become popular due to the current research advocating that natural light not only helps concentration, but raises people’s spirits and increases productivity.

Other functions that are able to accompany skylights in maximizing daylight are ventilation and moisture control. This is achieved by providing an opening for hot air that naturally accumulates near the ceiling surface to escape. In this case, the skylight will act similarly to a window, and can be opened either manually via chain or pole, or automatically.