BASECO BUILDINGS COMPANY can supply and install the following skylights:
Polycarbonate Skylight
Can be used for both the skylight covering and glazing. An entire skylight structure can be built form a single piece of polycarbonate and even shaped to overlap the frames, thereby minimizing the possibility of water leakage, and reducing both framing and maintenance costs.
Dome Skylight
Dome skylights have a constant visible transmittance (EVT), unlike flat skylights, which allows for efficient diffusion of light, regardless of the sun’s angles. Secondly, the dome shape helps easy water run-off, eliminating the need for regular cleaning. Additionally, dome skylights can be double or even triple insulated, according to your climate and general needs.
Glass Skylight
Usually given a protective solar coating and form of insulation (generally argon gas), whilst plastic skylights are not. The solar coating allows for a heavy reduction in the build up of heat, sometimes up to 65%. Glass skylights are made air-tight and tempered, which allows for a life-span and warranty to be provided. Also, glass skylights provide a clear outdoor view and do not discolor over time.
Commercial Skylight
The commercial skylight and roof window are extensive. While some are installed as an addition to the appearance of the building, other commercial skylights are installed as energy savers, due to the heavy maintenance costs. Some of the uses for commercial skylights include additional lighting, canopies, greenhouses, pool enclosures, sunrooms, walkways, and plenty more.
Residential Skylight
Many residential buildings have been built before the realization of the importance of light and air circulation, and do not cater to most lighting options. Residential skylights are the most practical and economical solution to providing natural light resources, and air control and ventilation in your home. The added look of residential skylights have made them very popular among new home owners and builders today.
Solar Skylight
Solar energy can be used in many ways by utilizing the sun’s rays to create heat and/or electricity. Solar skylights create passive solar heating in the simplest and most environmentally friendly form available today, as well as employing photovoltaic (converts sunlight directly into voltage electricity) to act as power generators.