Inspection and field quality control is an important part of any building survey, and the most crucial step is tending to any possible setbacks. It therefore goes without saying that inspections and quality control should be thorough and professional. Inspections allow for the early detection of problems, maintenance of a safe environment and the protection of capital assets. Inspections should address three major areas; the functionality and performance, identification of weak, deteriorating or hazardous spots, and identification of repair needs.

Complete inspections and field quality control which can be especially important for commercial inspection. BASECO BUILDINGS COMPANY inspect the entire system, record all inspection findings and supply an official inspection certificate when complete. If repairs or renovations are required, we can also initiate maintenance and repair projects, and offer on the spot quotes from three separate sources. Our inspections comprise comprehensive report on all details of the system.

Some of the important aspects that we carried out for inspection field quality control include:

  • Physical damage
  • Drainage and ventilation
  • Structural deformation
  • Paint and coating condition
  • Ponding on trims and/ or on roof
  • Surface condition
  • Deformed Edges
  • Corrosion
  • Caulking
  • Flashings and leakage
  • Seasonal change
  • Fasteners
  • After completion of installation, test for water leaks according to AAMA 501.2
  • Perform test for total area of each unit skylight
  • Work will be considered defective if does not pass test and inspections.