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FAX : (86-21) 6336 7885
Excellence In Coordination And Teamwork
From the beginning of sale until completion of the contract, our technical staff are available to attend to all your needs and to ensure detailed co-ordination in order to conclude erection of all buildings according to the procedures and practices recommended by BASECO BUILDINGS COMPANY .
Efficiency In Prduction
We have a fully mobile and fixed machine operated by highly skilled and experienced workforce
Strength In Delivery
We deliver and offload for you at any site location.
Delivery is undertaken quickly and efficiently utilizing road transportation in majority of cases. Our mobile machines can be moved to your jobsite any where that enable a quick and efficient construction method.
Project Management
We have full capability of handling your project from design to supply and erection. Our project team is experienced and able to serve your project wherever they are located.
Our highly professional team will spare no effort to provide you with the best services in every aspect. We at BASECO BUILDINGS COMPANY will make sure to always provide you with:
  • The fastest response in giving you quotations that will suit your purpose.
  • The most competitive prices.
  • Proposal drawings that will help you visualize the building.
  • Engineering support in case of special needs or to clarify any inquiry.
  • Quality material and quality workmanship that will last and perform.
  • Proper after sales service to ensure quick, successful and smooth job completion.
  • Control and close direct supervision by our Quality Control for fabrication process for all materials and
  • Erection capability of providing the best team.
Professionalism In Sales & Customer Service
Our highly proficient sales engineers handle proposals for your inquiries with the utmost attention offering you the best and most economical solution. Each offer is submitted together with competitive price quotations and proposal drawings to ensure sufficient information that enables you to make an accurate verification of your needs.
Expertise In Engineering
BASECO BUILDINGS COMPANY understands quality and customer service and has a workforce trained to meet its professional standards.